Raining Poetry in Roxbury 2017

July 3, 2017 Blog

Poem by Esther Cohen

Poem by Esther Cohen


2017 Raining Poetry in Roxbury: Poems (in alphabetical order by poet)


Catskill mountain streams:

Beaverkill, Delaware and Russell Brook

Ever on my mind . . .

Flow through my veins

— Lloyd Barnhart


In Woodchuck Lodge

on Old Clump hill,

John Burroughs lives

And always will.

— Bill Birns


Little One look,

under tiny droplets

starfish arise

like magic

— Ellenora Cage  



where days

are often


— Esther Cohen


surrounded by light

Moon marches on bridge of stars

Peaceful Summer night

— Esther de Jong   


lovely things, killed young

cut down –bodies strewn

their beauty cruelly eaten

another chipmunk ravaged garden . . .

— Melody DiGregorio


left-over decorations linger a while longer

— Eddie Donoghue


If you are reading this,


A mountain is smiling

down upon you.

— Chris Durham


To signify our spring

a daffodil’s the perfect thing,

or in a pinch,

a purple finch.

— Naomi Fisch   


Thunder splash and bolts

tickle two under umbrella

who ignore wet feet

when tongues meet

— Connie Horne


A startled partridge startles me;

her beating wings, my beating heart.

— Ginnah Howard  


Love’s native tongue is touch

So light we float.

The ground feels like the sea.

— Judith Lechner


Rainless, parched, arid

Deluge nightmares vaporized.

No chance of rainbows.

— Gail Lennstrom


The Catskill Mountains is a place where

you can check your waders for leaks.

— Gary Mead


Grey, more green and haze

than muddled black,

hints at life in hibernation.

Breath held.

— Katie Miller


under my delphiniums

cosmic dust from billions;

Lenni Lenape camp detritus;

settler glass, nails, pop tops.

— Mark Osterweil


spring long awaited

the sentient bouquet of softened soil

portending the effulgence

of daffodils and dandelion

— Chris Rosenthal   


Insulted by bad poetry

the stars yearn for the silent,

simple wonder of the Neanderthals.

— Sharon Ruetenick


Far below our garden snow

the hearty mint still slowly grows . . .

— Teri Julig Schlobohm


Search out the smallest roots.

Bring birds. Make room

for things that can blossom

near the truth

— Anique Taylor


Sugar lights

Cheap thrills

Sorry tears

— Ellie Waters


Raining Poetry in Roxbury 2017sponsored by Writers in the Mountains, is made possible, in part, with public funds from the New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA) Decentralization Grant Program, with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature, and is administered in Delaware County by the Roxbury Arts Group (RAG).


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