WIM’s Non-Fiction Reading Group

July 10, 2013 Blog

A non-fiction reading group is now part of Writers in the Mountains wide range of programs.  Participation is free, and no long term commitment is required.  Members can attend each monthly meeting, or only for books of their liking.  Long time WIM member and co-founder of the group Debbie Wilkie states, “There is such a wide variety of high quality, compelling non-fiction out there today, ranging from an amusing trip down the alimentary canal, to the ever changing political scene, to garbology, new developments in science, and so much more.”

The first meeting will be a discussion of Gulp: Adventures on the Alimentary Canal by Mary Roach, and a planning meeting as well.  Attendees are asked to bring one or two non-fiction books they would like to “pitch” to the group, and a reading list will be voted on for future meetings.  The meeting will take place at the Roxbury Library on Saturday, August 24, from 10 am – noon.  The library will help obtain copies of selected books for participants.


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